Collegium Ludiorum

collēgium: Latin, neuter (genitive collēgiī); second declension

  1. college (several senses)
  2. school
  3. corporation, guild, company

lūdiōrum: Latin, genitive plural of  lūdius: Latin, male (genitive lūdiī); second declension

  1. performer (on stage)
  2. gladiator (performer in the games)

guild: English (plural guilds)

  1. an association of people with similar interests or pursuits formed to protect mutual interests and maintain standards
  2. a voluntary association of persons pursuing the same trade, art, profession, or business

Welcome to the Collegium Ludiorum – the Guild of Gamers!

I have a love of all sorts of games – whether it be dice, card, miniature, role-playing, board or electronic!

My gaming group has been playing together for over 25 years, and as more gamers join, I wanted to formalized our group. A guild seemed like an apt description of our “association of artisans”. This webpage originally started as a central resource blog for my gaming group to track our games, and I thought it would be a great way for the others in the group to contribute.

Enjoy your visit to the Collegium Ludiorum!

Currently playing:

Organized Play

Organized Play, or “living campaigns” are shared campaign worlds, in which players and gamemasters throughout the world play by the same rules, and in the same in-game world.

The largest of these are sponsored by the publishers of the games – such as Dungeons and Dragons’ Adventurers League by Wizard of the Coast, and Paizo’s Pathfinder Society and Starfinder Society.

I wanted to have a central location to consolidate the various resources of these Organized Play campaigns.

D&D Adventurers League Resources

Pathfinder Society Resources

Starfinder Society Resources

Campaign Journals


The stories of heroes:


Those strange lights you saw in the sky? Yeah, those weren’t just “experimental air force jets”. And the news reports of the “wild animal mauling”? There’s no animal with two rows of teeth that can rip through a carbon-fiber ballistic vest – and certainly not one that is only the size of a Labrador. Oh, and the murderous stabbing rampages from “rebels” in Tibet? What if I told you that they were just unfortunate herdsman that got too close to the dried husk of a demon that possessed them. Yeah, there’s whole lot more to this world than the pin-heads and scientists and politicians want you to know. Gotta keep people from panicking and all that right? But what happens when those things that bump in the night come for you?

Princes of the Apocalypse

Called by the Elder Elemental Eye to serve, four corrupt prophets have risen from the depths of anonymity to claim mighty weapons with direct links to the power of the elemental princes. Each of these prophets has assembled a cadre of cultists and creatures to serve them in the construction of four elemental temples of lethal design. It is up to adventurers from heroic factions such as the Emerald Enclave and the Order of the Gauntlet to discover where the true power of each prophet lay, and dismantle it before it comes boiling up to obliterate the Realms.

Starfinder: Dead Suns

When a fragment of an ancient alien superweapon surfaces in the depths of hyperspace, its discovery sets off a race to find the extraterrestrial doomsday device. Hopping from planet to planet in both the civilized Pact Worlds and beyond, the heroes must contend with both the undead Corpse Fleet and the nihilistic Cult of the Devourer, each of which seeks to acquire the alien artifact for its own purposes. Can the heroes find and destroy the superweapon before their enemies seize control of it, or will the Pact Worlds’ sun go dark and cold, a harbinger of dead suns across the galaxy?

Rise of the Runelords

In the sleepy coastal town of Sandpoint, evil is brewing. An attack by crazed goblins during the annual Swallowtail Festival quickly turns into something more ominous as the shadows of a dark past come back to haunt the town—and perhaps all of Varisia. Can the heroes stop the awakening of a legendary runelord and keep him from reclaiming his lost kingdom of greed?

Star Wars: Dawn of Defiance

Ten years after the rise of the Empire, the known galaxy in gripped by the tyranny of the Emperor Palpatine. The Jedi Knights, the once great order, has not only failed to protect the Republic, but has been decimated by the Emperor’s servant Darth Vader. The Dark Lord of the Sith hunts down and kills those Jedi who managed to survive in hiding. But the oppressed have begun to organize, and with the covert support of Senators who seek a return of the Republic, the Resistance begins to take form. This is the story of some who are ushering in the Dawn of Defiance.


Gamemastering is an art that allows one to simultaneously function as an arbiter of rules, judge of consequences, storyteller, creative force, actor of a myriad roles, and much more! The challenges are great, but can be so fulfilling.

There are many tips and tricks that can help us all learn to be better GMs – may this help you improve your games!

House Rules

  • d20
  • Star Wars Saga Edition

GM advice


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Instagram Gameplay

The one thing my 9 year old nephew wanted to do for Spring break in the US was play D&D at his uncle’s house. Just gave me an excuse to bust out my Dwarven Forge. #dwarvenforge #dnd posted on Collegium Ludiorum’s Instagram

Instagram Gameplay

The Galaxy Defenders (with their post-mission 3 upgrades). #boardgames #galaxydefendersboardgame #gameplay #aresgames posted on Collegium Ludiorum’s Instagram

Instagram Gameplay

She deftly dispatches it and recovers the last needed alien artifact sample. And with that, the agents quickly return to HQ with the items the scientists need for their research. [Yay! Victory condition met!] #boardgames #galaxydefendersboardgame #gameplay #aresgames posted on Collegium Ludiorum’s Instagram