Savage Worlds

I’m finding I really like the ease of use of the Savage Worlds rules as a GM – it is quite a bit quicker to prepare for games, and the rules are light enough that we can play through more story than a typical d20 game; yet, there’s enough crunch for my players to have fun on the system mastery end. (Probably a little too light on the crunch for my particular group).

Base rule modifications:

  1. Everyone gets a wild die – if a character is not a Wildcard, they will still get a d4 wild die.
  2. Raises on successes continue to have additional effects.
    1. For combat, this means each raise will continue to give extra damage dice for rolls
  3. Death and dying:
    1. A character is not limited to only 3 wounds or fatigue. If successes are made on Vitality or Spirit to stay concious, the character can keep on acting. Each wound or level of fatigue continues to give penalties equal to the level however (ie. if at 5 wounds, there is a -5 to all rolls!)

Additional rules:

  1. Initiative:
    1. A Quickness check is made at the start of every round.
      1. A success allows an additional card to be drawn. Every raise gives another card.
      2. A failure results in only the one card to be drawn.
      3. A fumble results in NO cards drawn, and no actions allowed for the turn.