Princes of the Apocalypse 1

  1. [We first played this mod a few years ago when it first came out, but stopped after just a session or two. We decided to return to it after playing some D&D Adventurer’s League, but couldn’t remember most of our characters, so created new ones.]
  2. GM: Law
    1. Ari: Guldinyon Bent (Drow w/ scale)
    2. AJ: Ajax: Human Fighter. Chainmail and greatsword
    3. Andrew: Jehssail Brighteyes. Aasimar
    4. David: Tobius Carter, human fighter
  3. Red Larch, 8 days south of Neverwinter, few days north of Waterdeep
    1. Journeyed there from a few places.
    2. Sinkhole in the road.
    3. Inn: Helm of Highsat. Met other PCs
  4. Delegation from Mirabar has been missing for 1 month.
    1. Harpers want us to find Brodenthar, part of the delegation.
    2. Brother Irdin: Follower of Lathander:
      1. Delegation was in Beliard 2-tenday ago
    3. A shepherd says he saw new graves in the hills!
  5. To the hills
    1. Four graves, one, a dwarf with good artisinal clothes
  6. Feathergill Spire: Knights from Waterdeep house here
    1. Hippogriff decorations
    2. Joined a Manticore hunt
    3. At night, almost murdered by humans dressed as servants! (con’t next day 2018 Oct 16)
      1. Captured one alive, but all he would do is hiss at us.
    4. Found a caravan guard, bound. He said they were attacked on the river but “stone people”, who then got attacked by “feathered people”, which brought them to the tower. Brodenthar was in the caravan.
    5. Proceeded up the tower, and more servants attack.
    6. Savah came running up the stairs asking what is going on.
    7. We went to top to inform the leader, and then they ALL turned on us. We killed Savah and a monk, but fighter, as well as two guards on vultures got away.
    8. We were very wounded, but on the way out, three more knights blocked our way. I released an eagle battering ram, and took one down, but we were very damaged. Had to flee, but Tobi captured again.
  7. We rested very quickly, and then came back and rescued Tobi.
    1. Searching the tower, we found a parchment.

GenCon pictures 7

Pictures from the two  “One Hour to Kill” one shot D&D adventures at the Dwarven Forge booth.

Our group has braved the dangers of a dungeon in search of a druid who had gone missing. The last corridor set off a frenzied spear-wielding machine that pushed us into a room filled with an acidic stench. As we rushed in, and leapt over the foul-liquid, hinged blades swung out of the walls – cutting into flesh, and pushing us into the stinging fluid.

But the worse was yet to come, as out of the bubbling acid, a two-headed crocodile rose up!

It grabbed a hold of the Dwarven Paladin in its powerful jaws, while its tail swept the Halfling Rogue into the acid. The rogue was quick enough though, to grab onto the muscular tail and ran up the reptiles back!

The bard and sorcerer destroyed pulsing orbs on the far side of the room which were sending healing energy in the creature; meanwhile, the distraction of the Halfling led to the Dwarf freeing himself long enough to jump onto its head, and deliver a migthy Smite!

The crocodile slain, the adventurer’s were free to proceed out of the acrid room.

Later, the intrepid souls were teleported to a dark, damp cavern, fill with a mist of spores.

Before long, a group of lizard-men appeared around a corner, looking for their next meal!

After defeating them, we came across an ornate door.

Bursting forth from within, a minotaur covered in fungal growths!

Combat ensued, but with each hit, a vision formed of her losing her daugther to the lizard men, but not before she hid an amulet…

The barbarian ran off to search for it, and found it hidden in a pile of rubble.

Upon returning the amulet to her, the growths disappeared, and she reverted back to her normal self, and ran in search of the lizardmen.

(some close-ups of the lizardmen figures)

GenCon pictures 5

Dwarven Forge’s Dreadhollow Forest was revealed this morning. I stopped by the booth to get these pictures – beautiful! (click on picture of higher resolution).

Close up of one of the 3 (4?) potential 6″x6″ floor pieces:

Close up of the large tree in the middle –

And it is hollow, perhaps a lair, or a tunnel to the underdark… or something even more sinister!

Ahh! It’s Nate!

But he’s kind enough to show off some more of the close-ups and details

He showed off how the 6″x6″ transition piece to caves works – with a removable arch (next to a new caverns passage 45 degree bend)!

And another potential 6″ x 3″ “cliff” transition piece with some Erinthor mountains pieces.

The two transition pieces put together

And finally, some of the freestanding hedge “walls” (atop a regular 2″ x 2″ cavern floor – for scale to a normal cave wall).  The paint job isn’t finished on these yet.

Again, Nate wanted me to emphasize that the paint job on it is NOT FINISHED YET!

Ok, time for me to finally crash and get a good night of sleep!

GenCon Dwarven Forge pictures

I got a chance to stop by the Dwarven Forge booth and see the new Caverns Deep pieces up close. They look gorgeous! Hard to post pictures on the forum from my phone, so they are here.

They also gave me a little accessory for being a backer. An anvil!