Dwarven Forge Storage – 5

IRIS Portable Project Case – $5-6 each, measures 12.25″ x 13″ x 3.25″. Hinged top.

  1. Thoughts:
    1. These will suffice for storing, but are probably at the bottom of my list.
    2. They don’t really stack, and probably are best in the drawer organizer (shown below, about $50-60 for the organizer and the 6 cases)
    3. The lids bow up a bit as well, so there’s more room at the top of the pieces than the Sterilite 3.25″ containers.
    4. They are also fairly cheaply made – of the 20 or so I bought, two have broken hinges, and one has a cracked side – all in less than a year.


Dwarven Forge Storage – 4

Artbin Super Satchel Slim Single Compartment Box 9100AB – $12-17 each (retail $20), measures 15″ x 14″ x 2″. Hinged top.

  1. Thoughts:
    1. I thought this was going to be the perfect solution, but then when I received them, it was quite the disappointment. The height is perfectly 2″ on the outside, which means that it is a tad too small to hold the DF!
    2. In addition, there are ridges that are also just under 2″ apart.
    3. So unfortunately, these are the only ones I bought which are a complete no-go.
    4. They otherwise stack well and seem durable


Dwarven Forge Storage – 3

STERILITE 19638606 Large Clip Box, Clear – ~$6-7 each, measures 14″ x 11″ x 2.75″. Removable top.

  1. Thoughts:
    1. I would like it if it were closer to 2.25″ tall – as is, it leaves some room for pieces to move around up top, but it seems to fit the larger pieces (like the new DOD arch) quite nicely.
    2. The middle “depression” in the lid is fairly annoying – I could almost lay two of the 4″x6″ DF floors along the top to wedge in all the other pieces, but that depression leads to it tenting up in the middle.
    3. Stacks just ok – there is enough play for one to slide atop another.
    4. Seems pretty durable.
    5. Might try out the smaller one (STERILITE 19618606 Small Clip Box , 11″ x 6.88″ x 2.75 ~$2-3.50 each)


Dwarven Forge Storage – 2

STERILITE 14028606 Divided Case, Clear Case – ~$4-6 each; 13.38″ x 10.75″ x 2.5. Hinged top.

  1. Thoughts:
    1. These are the perfect height! Smaller size as well means they aren’t quite a unwieldy fully loaded.
    2. The REMOVABLE divider trays are a nice bonus,
    3. HOWEVER, there are grooves on the bottom for those trays to fit in, which hampers their full utility.
    4. Stack very well – no detectable shifting. However, not much of a handle, so can be difficult to lift 3 up at once for example.
    5. Durable.
    6. Looks like these are going out of production, so may be unavailable in a few years.


Dwarven Forge Storage – 1

Sterilite 1716 6.2 qt Modular Latch Box – Going out of stock (listed at $32.99 for a single one at Amazon, but Walmart.com has 6 for $19.50); stated measurements of 15″ x 11.5″ x 3.25″, but in actuality, almost identical measurement to #3 below of 14″ x 11″ x 2.75″. Basically, I think #3 below (the one with the green latch at the top right of the six pictured above) is the replacement for this one.

  1. Thoughts:
    1. I would like it if it were closer to 2.25″ tall – this leaves some room for pieces to move around up top, but it seems to fit the larger pieces (like the new DOD arch) quite nicely.
    2. There are two raised areas in the lid which help with the stacking, but still a little slack so one can slide atop another.


Dwarven Forge Storage – Introduction

I’ve been looking into more storage options for my growing DF collection (esp with these yearly kickstarters now!), and after reading through a lot of the options people use, as well as buying more containers, here are my reviews of them.

My main goal is storage with ease of access, but secondarily, the ability to use them to transport to off-site games.

  1. The best for storage with ease of access so far is the flat-file drawers – those are fantastic, and I make good use of the ones I have. No more detail on that. Link here.
  1. I also like these Sterilite 7-drawer storage cart – they are a good size, and have individual hinged snap-lids for each drawer. Plus, they were only like $35 for the entire unit; unfortunately, I haven’t found any more to buy since about 2010. (Link to a previous post with more pictures of them.)

So the ideal criteria I was looking for when looking to dive into these containers are:

  • Sized 12″ x 12″ x 2″ on the INTERIOR (this comes into play with one of these)
  • Easily, and securely stackable
  • Durable

Here are pictures of 6 other models of various containers I have gotten to test in the past few weeks. I will be going through these from the top left and going clockwise in the following posts.


Here’s a quick setup I did as well to test #6. It is mostly the lastest Dungeon of Doom (Kickstarter #5), with a few other elements (will point those out).



The rounded corner piece here is from the original Dwarven Forge Kickstarter #1 – the paint job matches very well with the newest KS.

Overhead shot

Gencon 2016

GenCon 2016 marks my 10th year in a row getting to play at GenCon Indianapolis – lots of fun as usual. Here are some pictures!

Countdown until Exhibitor Hall opening!WP_20160804_002

The Pokemon Go center…WP_20160804_008

This family had sweet costumes! Go Captain America, Agent Carter, Black Widow, and Hulk!WP_20160804_012

A fantastic Belle!WP_20160805_002

Vault dwellers…WP_20160806_032



And some pics of the newest Dwarven Forge Castles Kickstarter!








Old Dwarven Forge Pictures–Arena

[Originally posted on the Dwarven Forge forums 2010 Jan 27. Game dates 2009 Dec 01 and Dec 29]]

In a Forgotten Realms game my friend has been running between my regular games (utilizing a completely home-brewed rules system he created), our characters were hired out to escort a group of cargo-bearing lizardmen north along the Sword Coast to Luskan. Turns out, we were part of the “delivery” to the slavers. After putting up a good fight – unexpectedly on the part of our GM, who thought we would just lay down arms, we were subdued and forced to fight in the arena.

I remembered having just seen an incredible arena on the forums, so I tried channeling dudebird as I hastily created one from the 2 cavern sets I have.

We were split into two “teams”, and were given descriptions of the other gladiators on the opposing team. We had to pair up and choose a duo on the opposing team to fight.

This was the slaver’s complex, with the natural cavern serving as the arena; one side held the “box-seats” for the boss, and a pair of elevated platforms on each side had archers ready to shoot anyone who didn’t participate or tried to flee. We actually ended the game getting put into the arena that day, so the pictures below was us recreating just the arena portion from memory.


The arena layout, and the teams facing off. The last is a picture of my minotaur weaponmaster laying the smackdown on two of the lizardscum who sold us off into slavery and had volunteered to join in the arena for fun; they didn’t expect us to rain on their parade. 😎





Pathfinder Society #11–The Riddle

[Another old post whose pictures I recently dug back up. Originally posted on the Dwarven Forge forums 2009 Dec 26. Game date 2009 Dec 20]

I just started a Pathfinder Society group in Indy. For the first mod, I looked for something that would showcase the Return of the Ancients set. PFS #11 is called the Third Riddle and it takes place in a Giant Sphinx – perfect! The blurb reads:

When Pathfinder Colm Safan entered the Nethys-linked heart of the fabled dungeon known as the Ravenous Sphinx, the Pathfinder Society expected to solve one of Osirion’s greatest riddles. Months passed with no word from Safan, and you and your fellow Pathfinders find yourselves dispatched into the desolate wastes of Osirion’s notorious Parched Dunes to find the sphinx, find Safan, and uncover the mystery he sought. With a band of cloaked riders on your trail and a trap-filled dungeon ahead, will you solve the third riddle before time runs out?

The adventure was fun – a few times it got fairly hairy, but the PC’s succeeded.

For the water, I just googled for an image of water, print it out, and cut to desired shape.






Pathfinder Society #39–The Citadel of Flame

[Originally posted on the Dwarven Forge forums 2010 Jan 27]

I’ve had the fortune of getting to game a lot over the past few weeks. Last weekend I got to run the Pathfinder Society mod The Citadel of Flame. It’s named after a temple to the devil Moloch that was buried 300 years ago after a group of Dervishes devoted to Sarenrae raided it in an attempt to stop the evil occuring there. After those 3 centuries, it has been re-discovered with worship of Moloch starting up once again.

I chose to run this mod because not only was it a lost temple, the “final room” had lava flowing onto the rocks and I could get to use both my RoTA and DOE Hellscape sets! Here’s some of the pictures.

The set of stairs in the large entry hall is supposed to represent a spiral staircase.

What in the devils is that thing?!?



They flying demon creature retreated across a gaping break in the bridge!BILD0954


The upper chambers where a portal to the Hells was opening!BILD0960

Overall layout of the temple – that “corridor” in the middle is secret room from which the party was watched and attacked.BILD0959


While preparing for the Pathfinder Society event, I ran a brief introductory D&D 4th edition game for some new players (plus one who had been out of RPGs since AD&D 2nd ed). I threw together a quick lair of a gnomish experimenter who had stumbled upon a way to create automata that when crazy!