AD&D A2 – Stockyards of the Slavelords, Part 2.1

My group wanted to finish playing A2, so this past holiday weekend, I continued where we left off last. As the party recuperated from the battle with the goblins, the Cleric/Magic-User and Paladin left to summon more help. In their stead, a human dual-classed Monk/Magic-User, a dwarven Fighter/Thief, a half-orc Fighter/Cleric and a human Ranger joined the group from among the rescued slaves. (The Paladin’s player couldn’t make it and the other wanted to switch PCs; three other players also joined – 2 first time AD&D players and 1 new to RPGs!)
Having rested up, the reinforced group opened the secret door concealed in the back of the surprisingly clean iron maiden. The rough worked stone passageway slowly filled with a mist as they worked their way forward. Some dozen yards later, it ended in a steep falloff to a new floor some 30 feet down. The scouts had no problem descending, and re-ascending 50 feet further ahead where the passageway continued.
As the group proceeded forward again, they unworked stone corridor began to once again show signs of having been worked.
Turning the corner and proceeding, a sudden horn blast echoed toward them from ahead as a net dropped onto the middle of the group. With only a moment to catch their breath, the forward guards raise their defenses just in time to see a group of wolf-riding goblins charge from around the bend into the entangled midst!
Falling net trap!
A frantic battle ensued, leading to a defeat of the goblins, but not without casualties on the side of the heroes. The newly rescued Dwarven Fighter/Thief and Monk/Magic-User were amongst the dead; the former claiming some vengeance on his captors before this fall, but the latter falling to the charging goblins before he had a chance to act.
Fallen heroes

New gamers!

My friend’s kids have gotten to the age where they can “get” TTRPG. As others have noted, with the popularity of MineCraft, many middle-school aged kids now are very familiar with the D&D tropes (hit points, experience points, leveling, skeletons and monsters, etc!), so it’s a small jump to tabletop RPGs.
This weekend, we had a little gaming convention with a bunch of friends; as a prelude, I ran the little ones through some introductory D&D games. I gave them free reign with Dwarven Forge tiles to build some layouts, then gave them a scenario.
The farmers from the outlying fields to the west failed to show at the last few market days; travelers from that direction gave reports of monsters lurking in the tall unharvested corn stalks. Since the Greyhawk Wars two decades ago, the adolescent PCs were the only able bodied men and women in Hommlett who could be spared to go an investigate…

First game for Lee boys!
First game for Lee boys!