Starfinder: Dead Suns 1 – Incident at Absalom Station 2

    1. Game date: 2018 Mar 18
      1. GM: Law
      2. PCs: Bubbles, Syphillus, Arius, AJ (new PC Kulon?) & Obozaya – pregen Vesk Soldier (Thor)
    2. Absalom Station:
      1. Spent next few days later exploring the station
        1. Invitation to embassy of Eox by Gavarlosk Noor – for this afternoon
          1. (Eox is a planet of Elebriens – a species who had to transform themselves to undead to avoid extinction)
        2. Undead guards. Foyer with black marble and purplish light. We are only non-undead.
          1. Escorted to His Excellence
      2. Says he knows about the dispute over ship and “driftrock”
        1. Offers himself as a mediator
        2. Says we are neutral
      3. Go to Aqion
        1. Find out what happened to crew
        2. Determine the value of cargo
        3. And find out about the driftrock
        4. Offers each of us 600 cred
          1. Arius asked for 2000 cred w/ diplomacy 25
        5. Also, a package for the embassy, which is now quarantined
          1. Personal favor, will increase to 1100 cred each
        6. Arius succeeded in getting agreement for 1400
        7. The Aquion:
          1. Package ever been to Absalom station
          2. Package not dangerous, illegal or contraband
      4. As we are leaving, message bot flies up and spits out a letter
        1. Cordially invited to offices of Ms. Joss (a female Lashunta) in Blue Rise Tower (where the Astral Extractions are based)
          1. Marketing preparations
            1. Says Aquion hired by company to explore and get rights to minerals
          2. To me, the rules seem very plausible as defined in the contract
        2. Aquion:
          1. Found a few weeks ago.
          2. A month before then, it was hired out
      5. Leaving there, another messenger – Captain Otao Sericce (a red-skinned human). Invites us to his ship
        1. He is an unofficial spokesman for the Collective.
          1. They value their independence and freedom; struggle against the corps
        2. Believes the crew prob thought that if they brought it back, it wasn’t “staking a claim” for the Astral Extraction in the future, but rather, it was something that they brought back, and is loot.
          1. He is not disputing the AE claim, and will return all information about exploration to them.
        3. They didn’t hire gang to kill people, but to protect their own. The AE hired the gang.
        4. Creel has a cousin that is in the Collective.
        5. Aquion
          1. Freighter, medium sized – 4 engine
            1. 6-10 crew
    3. To the Aquion
      1. Shuttle is an upgraded Ringworks Wanderer station ship, called the Hippocampus
      2. As we leave the Armada into the Quarantine Zone, I detect another ship leaving the Armada for the same destination
        1. Tiny ship
          1. Tiny Interceptor, called a Death’s Hand Necroglider
      3. Message on transponder from Aquion
        1. “Attention: Ship under quarantine. Do not approach.”
      4. Landing
        1. Entering into the airlock, found Akata
      5. Exploring
        1. Found a corridor with signs of battle, and a body of a space goblin with throat torn out
        2. Fought a lot of Akata, and some space goblines
        3. Have found residue of Noqual
      6. Bridge
        1. I restored ship functions
        2. Got records
          1. Discovery of driftrock
          2. Found strange geods
          3. Creatures hatched from the geods and attacked – descriptions are of the Akata
          4. “Something else, it came from the rock. Will open ship to airlock, may do something.”
          5. “Didn’t work – set autopilot to Absalom station. We are going to head to the rock.”
      7. With that information, we returned to the airlock, only to find out that our shuttle was no longer there!!
    4. Level up to level 2!

Dark*Matter #21: Thin Blue Line

    1. Game date: 2018 Mar 17
      1. PCs: Markov, Lester, Maverick, Bill, Jonah, Angus
        1. Jonah Redding (played by Andrew Huang): Ex-marine, dishonorably discharged for running from combat
          1. Minor deathwish
          2. Major delusion: Sees an assassin in every crowd. But, his family was killed by an assassin after discharge, one that no one else saw…
    2. 2014 Oct 06
    3. Florida: HQ
      1. Recuperating after encounter in Prague, Director Jones informs team that a contact at the Detroit Police that requests backup.
      2. Corktown Precint’s Captain Malcolm Simms is a friend of Hoffman
      3. Increase in abnormal repots in Detroit.
        1. Over past few months, increase in the dark matter levels. Corresponds to increase in the supernatural.
      4. Go to Detroit and contact Simms.
      5. A new recruit there as well – one Jonah Redding whom the Institute has been watching
      6. Background
        1. XA908
          1. Revealed a mound
        2. An octo (Dr. Lilian Brown) found it in her search for occult, and managed to open some doorways
    4. Detroit:
      1. On the drive up, Maverick researches background on Simms
      2. Captain Malcolm Simms:
        1. <IMG of SIMMS
      3. The group meets with Sergeant James MacMillan
        1. <IMG of MacMillan
      4. He escorts them to Simms
    5. Central rail
      1. Encounter Golem:
        1. Fumble lester & Mav
        2. Shaken: (+2)
        3. 17, 13, 4, 7 (Mav),
        4. <IMG Golem
    6. Temple Beth Shalom
      1. 1 / -6
    7. Epilogue:
      1. 2 XP


GM notes: These adventures in Detroit come from the fantastic Savage Worlds sandbox guide Thin Blue Line from Melior Via. The setting is reminiscent of the initial seasons of the X-files, and the production value of the book is excellent. The writing clearly comes from a place of great love for Detroit. Thank you Melior Via for allowing me the use of some of the pictures and for the wonderful setting!