Dark*Matter #21: Thin Blue Line

    1. Game date: 2018 Mar 17
      1. PCs: Markov, Lester, Maverick, Bill, Jonah, Angus
        1. Jonah Redding (played by Andrew Huang): Ex-marine, dishonorably discharged for running from combat
          1. Minor deathwish
          2. Major delusion: Sees an assassin in every crowd. But, his family was killed by an assassin after discharge, one that no one else saw…
    2. 2014 Oct 06
    3. Florida: HQ
      1. Recuperating after encounter in Prague, Director Jones informs team that a contact at the Detroit Police that requests backup.
      2. Corktown Precint’s Captain Malcolm Simms is a friend of Hoffman
      3. Increase in abnormal repots in Detroit.
        1. Over past few months, increase in the dark matter levels. Corresponds to increase in the supernatural.
      4. Go to Detroit and contact Simms.
      5. A new recruit there as well – one Jonah Redding whom the Institute has been watching
      6. Background
        1. XA908
          1. Revealed a mound
        2. An octo (Dr. Lilian Brown) found it in her search for occult, and managed to open some doorways
    4. Detroit:
      1. On the drive up, Maverick researches background on Simms
      2. Captain Malcolm Simms:
        1. <IMG of SIMMS
      3. The group meets with Sergeant James MacMillan
        1. <IMG of MacMillan
      4. He escorts them to Simms
    5. Central rail
      1. Encounter Golem:
        1. Fumble lester & Mav
        2. Shaken: (+2)
        3. 17, 13, 4, 7 (Mav),
        4. <IMG Golem
    6. Temple Beth Shalom
      1. 1 / -6
    7. Epilogue:
      1. 2 XP


GM notes: These adventures in Detroit come from the fantastic Savage Worlds sandbox guide Thin Blue Line from Melior Via. The setting is reminiscent of the initial seasons of the X-files, and the production value of the book is excellent. The writing clearly comes from a place of great love for Detroit. Thank you Melior Via for allowing me the use of some of the pictures and for the wonderful setting!

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