Dark*Matter #20: The Alchemist

  1. Game date: 2017 Dec 31
    1. PCs: Markov, Maverick, Lester
  2. 2014 Summer
  3. Background:
    1. Missing young woman are unfortunately not uncommon among Eastern European countries.
    2. Many of these have many social ills, with drug dependency very common
    3. Over the past few months however, there has been an uptick in the middle-class young women who have gone missing; with people left behind who are concerned and able to do something about it. In particular, 8 of the reported missing women are new mothers.
    4. There’s an ambitious dhamphir Daniel Vlcek in Prague, who is making a play at moving up the ladder. To do so, he wants to get his hands on an elixir that is said to be death to the undying – the dust of life. It was rumored to be in the possession of the Alchemist, a 2 century old vampire that slumbers under an old monastery.
  4. Hook:
    1. Hoffman Institute Europe receives a message that a body found is one of the missing woman. Interpol has ruled the case a suicide due to slashed wrists, but Hoffman’s sources say that some carvings on her body are in the shape of an old gypsy rune meant to defile a body.
      1. Anezka Krejci
  5. Scene 1: Morgue
    1. Talk way into Czech police morgue
    2. Investigations: many of the missing are tied to a Dr. Pietor Czersonwich (wife Olivie)
  6. Scene 2:  Speaking with the doctor
    1. He is an OB/GYN:
      1. “Disposes” of unwanted newborns, ostensibly giving them up for adoption
      2. Didn’t want to help, but he can’t refuse his master!
    2. Gave the names to a Mr. Radek Novotny
  7. Scene 3: Infiltrating a Mafia (Jaksikovci): Dominik
    1. Firefight!
  8. Scene 4: Alchemist (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SendivogiusMichael Sendivogius (Polish: Michał Sędziwój; 1566–1636
  9. Taking out the guards
  10. Murdering a baby
  11. Dust of death
  12. Captured the Alchemist
  13. Scene 5:
    1. Vlcek sends his dogs
  14. Epilogue
    1. XP: 5