Starfinder: Dead Suns 1 – Incident at Absalom Station 1

    1. GM: Lawrence
      1. Ari: Scythix (Vesk): Scrawny vesk with a large axe
      2. AJ: Ajax (M Human): custom rig
      3. David: Mize (M Asian human): Slight, fades into background, but has a papable presence. Working odd jobs to get on ship
      4. Andrew: Bubbles (M Shirren): Iridescent green shell with a humped back which is a drone
      5. Thor: Obozaya (F Vesk) – large Vesk solider
    2. We are on a ship to Absalom Station, just coming out of Drift
    3. Doravor Kreel (M. Dwarf):
      1. Asked me to meet him about Starfinder Society
    4. Landing on Absalom Station
      1. Brightly lit station abuzz with activity!
        1. Weapon fire suddenly erupts
      2. Dwarf is killed
        1. On datapad, only my name and description as well as “Chiskiss” and an address
    5. Wardens come and say they recognize the people:
      1. Gangbangers known as Level 21 crew and the Downside Kings
    6. Address on datapad leads to Lorespire Complex
      1. Offered to join SFS, and the first task is to investigate why we were ambushed – coincidence? Or were we targeted
    7. Rumors
      1. A derelict ship Aqueons came with a driftrock in tow, and no crew!
        1. Heard that the crew were either killed to keep a secret, or went mad and walked out the airlock
      2. Two crews claim the rights:
        1. (Astral Extraction – a powerful mining conglomeratge – centered in the Diaspora; recently hired a ship belonging to Hardscrabble Collective
          1. Their public image is good, but they are known to hire criminals etc.
        2. Hardscrabble Collective- the Aqeon; they are a clan of asteroid miners. They count the Armada as a central gathering place. Hire their crew out. Not really a clan, but a coalition of individuals.
          1. They have hired the Level 21 gang to protect their interests
    8. On Level 21 investigating
      1. Stuffer shack encounter didn’t go so well after acosting some homeless patrons
      2. Found a bodega with a fat halfing (Mama Fats) female proprietor that said she will let Jabaksa (Ysoki leader of the level 21 crew) that we are looking for him.
    9. Downside King
      1. Leader: Ferani Nadaz (ferocious woman)
    10. Next morning, message for us at the Moon: 6 pm Bodega
    11. Investigation:
      1. Kings hired to threaten the Collective to hang over Aqueon and Driftrock
      2. Doravor Kreel: Mid-level SFS, took interest in
        1. Focused on mineral prospecting
        2. Native of Diaspora
        3. Ties to dwarves and other miners
        4. Active in challenging corp
        5. Personally invested in Collective
        6. Cousing was part of Collective who died b/c Astral Extraction didn’t pay for safety
    12. Back at Bodega: Ysoki Jabacksa and 2 humans
      1. Jabacksa said Downside Kings aren’t rivals, just on opposite sides of employers right now.
        1. Says Kings hang out at the bar Fusion Queen
        2. Ferani only became leader a few months ago when she killed prior leader
        3. Astral Extraction hires the Downside Kings – doesn’t know why they killed Doroval
    13. Fashion Queen
      1. Take out the bouncers
      2. Loud nightclub inside
      3. Disguised way in and took out 3 guards, one Vesk bodyguard, and Ferani
        1. Datapad shows communique between Astral Extractions and Kings ordering gang to kill Dorvar Kreel as a message to Collective, and to keep SFS from getting too curious about Aqeon.
    14. Return to Chisskiss
      1. He will pass on information and advised us to stay away from Astral Extraction