Old Dwarven Forge Pictures–Hackmaster Tournament

Wow… in retrospect, the quality of the pictures and the build on these are appalling! Guess we all have to start somewhere to learn!

[Originally posted on the Dwarven Forge forums 2005 Jul 04 – for some reason, my computer says they were taken on 2005 Oct 06, which is both the incorrect month for Origins, and after the posting date…]

I brought about 80 pounds of DF stuff with me to Origins in Columbus Ohio (from Ca!) to use in some Hackmaster tournaments I was running, but ended up being only able to use about half of that (~3 sets) because the bag I was using to transport it broke! … Next time, I’m going to plan a little better…

In any case, here’s a few pictures I snapped with my phone (quality low – sorry!)

The group is tasked with locating a little girl who has wandered off into a maze guarding a Tomb of Kalec’tor – a knight who fell in battle defeating a demon that terrorized the area. This is the first round of the tournament which involved getting through the maze towards the center of the Tomb.

The top encounter shows the party trying to figure out an articulated Statue which is full of traps – ie. sending darts from one wall, or releasing poison gas in another area, etc.

The bottom one is the group facing two mimics which have mimic’ed a floor (the one in the middle) and a wall (the one on the side).