Old Dwarven Forge Pictures–Research base Epsilon, Krataar

I’ve been going through my old Dwarven Forge posts on the forums and remembered that a lot of the old pictures were deleted during a software error around 3 years ago. I have many of them still, so decided to repost them to my blog for future interest.
[Originally posted on the Dwarven Forge forums – on 2006 Mar 11]
I decided to see what I could do with just one of each sci-fi set: So, I pulled out one each of Starter, Passage, Alpha, Beta, and the two free 6″ walls. (Hopefully next weekend I’ll have enough time to put together all of my Sci-Fi stuff! Image 5 each of the first three and two Betas!!)
To add some flavor, I populated the Research Base with minis from my all time favorite RPG – Star Frontiers!
Pictures taken 2006 Mar 11
Why is it that no communication has been heard from the base in over 4 months? The Star Law Rangers enter to investigate. Getting into the airlock was no easy task.
Strange, the blast door didn’t close properly – that must be how the radiation leaked out into the remainder of the base! But that looks more like sabotage than an accident!
Ahh… good, the computer banks should tell us what’s occured.
“HOSTILES SPOTTTED! HOSTILES SPOTTED! Looks like the Sathar agents we’ve been looking for!”
Hope you enjoyed that!
Here are a few more pictures:
This one is of the entire layout using all the pieces from those four sets:
Gotta find some way to use the corner fillers… a portal to the next level sounds good!
This I thought might help out other builders – I didn’t have anything to use as a filler for the negative spaces and there was a weird gap in the port room. That’s when I realized that the floor inlays that come with the Alpha set are thin enough that they could fit under the other pieces without being easily noticeable. Plus, they’ve got the same pattern already on them!