Old Dwarven Forge Pictures–The Ruined Temple

[Originally posted on Dwarven Forge forums 2009 Jul 01. In looking for these pictures, I found better ones I took a week later. So I’ve posted these up in place of the original ones, from the perspective of an adventuring group making their way through].

Came home from work, and found boxes of DF awaiting me! Dinner can wait, let’s see these things in action! [This was just at the release of the Return of the Ancients II.]

Ok, so I made this out of two sets of each RoTA I and II – I managed to use every piece except for the wall inserts… (d’oh! I just realized that the special mosaic intersection came with 3 sets… at least I remember not to put both in there!)

So the adventurers find the location of the ancient ruined temple. They proceed cautiously through the entrance…
























I also found a few pictures of just messing around with various configurations…








Secret spinning doors, and secret spinning walls!



Old Dwarven Forge Pictures-Misc

Another repost with pictures… This was probably the biggest layout I had made up until that point. I had been collecting DF for a several years, but didn’t really have chances to use it reguarly or often until then.


[Originally posted on Dwarven Forge forums 2007 Dec 15. Game date 2007 Jan 27.]

More random pics from the days before that Star Wars game…

This was taken during a Living Greyhawk mod I was running

1) The two parts (i didn’t have enough room to connect them): The abandoned mines the goblins were using as a hideout (in the background) which led to the underground pool slightly lower (in the foreground)


2) Even before entering into the mines, the PC’s have discovered the goblins’ penchant for traps…


3) … especially for Stump, the dwarvedn rogue/fighter who manages to fail something like 15 Reflex saves in a row.


4) Fighting one of the goblin shaman’s and his pet


5&6) The pool room which even the goblins avoid…



7) … because of the Otyugh that lives there!! (well… ok, so i didn’t have to correct mini… 😎


8) AJ having fun with the DF afterwards


Old Dwarven Forge Pictures–Star Wars Minis

Another repost with pictures…

[Originally posted on Dwarven Forge forums 2007 Dec 12]

I’ve been cleaning up my computer files when I found some DF pics from earlier this year. This first set is a set up for a quick Star Wars Mini’s battle…

1: The overall layout which AJ (in the back there, who was thrilled to play with DF!) help to setup… We pretty much just pulled out all the Sci-Fi pieces I have and tried to put them together… around 5 each of starter set, passage set, and alpha expansion, with 2 beta.


2: The heroes racing to extract the vital information from the central computer core


3: Vader leading his entourage to counter them


4: Quickly taking out the forward guards, Mace Windu, Yoda, and Obi-wan sense the apporach of the Sith Lord


5: “Bastila, retrieve the data while we hold them off!”


6: Melee ensues…


Old Dwarven Forge Pictures–Fane of Tiamat

This was originally posted on the Dwarven Forge forums. At the time I had been playing a lot of Living Greyhawk, and they had allowed some of the commerical products to be used in home LG games. The Red Hand of Doom was a well written, and quite fun module that I ran my home group through. Looking for the pictures to repost, hard to imagine that was almost 10 years ago now!

There was also a project undertaken by the forum folks to build a mapping program by taking pictures of the tiles from above and make renderings from them. It was called TileMapper and worked very well. Its not in development anymore as there is a DF produced version with the successful kickstarters now.


Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been around – been having a great gaming since I got a regular group together…

For the past 9 months, I’ve been running them through Red Hand of Doom as a Living Greyhawk campaign. It’s been a blast, and now they’re about ready to head off to the BBEG’s HQ, so it’s my chance to show off some more DF once again!

Thanks the TileMapper crew, I’ve been able to preplan the map and I wanted to get some feedback about it before we play in a couple of week. Rater than try to recreate the map exactly, I went for a similar feel while making it doable with DF. Specifically, are there any suggestions for the hallway between room 3 and 4?

Fane of Tiamat level 1


Fane of Tiamat level 1_Draw

Old Dwarven Forge Pictures–Storage Drawers

[Originally posted on the Dwarven Forge forums 2009 Apr 18]

I snapped a few picture of the storage drawers from Target that Aracon mentioned here(http://www.dwarvenforge.com/dwarvenforums/viewtopic.php?id=3110). As he said, they were very near perfect and hold DF very snug. http://www.target.com/Sterilite-7-Drawer-Craft-Cart-White/dp/B000MQ62IG/sr=1-1/qid=1236818542/ref=sr_1_1/179-5141942-2139726?ie=UTF8&frombrowse=0&index=target&rh=k%3A7%20drawer&page=1

The first two pictures shows the whole drawer and cabinet. The DF boxes next to it should give an idication of its size (it was hard for me to image on the Target webpage). Also, it comes without the wheels attached, and I’m leaning towards not putting the wheels on.

The next picture shows the contents of one drawer with just one RoTA set in it. The one after that filled completely up (in this case, with one of the bonus 4-way intersections).

Because there was some play between the top of the DF and the lid, I cut up some of the bubble wrap that came with the individual pieces and put a layer on top of the pieces to give them some cusion to prevent the occasional scratch. The first picture is hard to see (sorry!), but you can make it out beneath the lid in the following one.

Oh, and I thought I’d show how well the DF boxes protect the pieces. When one of the UPS boxes came, there was a large hole in the side of it. Sure enough, whatever punctured it went deep enough that it pushed through the peanuts inside and punched a hole in the white DF box. But the styrofoam in there absorbed it completely without any damage to the pieces.

Thanks again Aracon for the drawer suggestion! I’ve been looking for something like this for years! Though, yes, my girlfriend also now pokes fun at me for buying a “girl’s scrapbook” drawer to hold my “man dolls”. 😎









Old Dwarven Forge Pictures

Hmmm… stumbling on more pictures while sorting through my files.

Pictures taken 2004 Jul 27.

No actual game here – I was just setting up my painted minis in a display case.

I’m particularly proud of the three minis in the foreground of the first picture – they were some of my first paint jobs I did in the 90’s on the old Ral Parth Monsters box set. That minotaur has remained a favorite of mine. The green slime mini was one of the first I painted using a very watery green paint that just turned out fantastic.




The ones below show off the DF Den of Evil sets very well. I think it was my first attempt at making use of the negative spaces with the plastic water cutouts. I can’t remember if this was from a game, or just a diorama like above.

I’m also not sure why the pictures are so grainy – if it was the camera, or a specific setting I was using, or if I scanned these from a photo (I don’t think so). It’s probably operator error. Smile

Pictures taken 2005 Nov 28










Old Dwarven Forge Pictures–Call to Arms: Den of Evil

[Pictures originally posted on Dwarven Forge forums 2006 May 29]

An introductory Hackmaster adventure I wrote for a FLGS game day.

I first laid out the dungeon using pfwork’s TileSystem program, then used that as a guide for the pieces to bring.

Three sets of pictures: the first, the PC’s defending Riverbend’s western ford against oncoming Orc attack



Second set, the PCs face off against the Orc chieftain and his remaining bodyguards (very reduced in number as the PCs arrive shortly after a failed coup attempt).

“The Orcs are defeated. The Chieftain and his followers are now dead and the immediate threat to Riversbend vanquished! Even the unexpected appearance of a shaman at the Chieftain’s side proved insufficient to overcome your battlemight!
Yet, even as the enemies are overcome – and perhaps even more so, a strange unease fills your hearts. Almost as one, you turn and instinctively look towards the hidden door from whence the leaders entered…

At your approach, this door – if it may be called such, has been so finely worked that were it have remain closed, it would have appeared just as the remainder of the wall! But now it stands open – and just beyond it, an eerie glow of red light emanates.

Peering within, the chamber beyond this secret door appears much different than the rest of the natural cave system – for it is worked to an astonishing degree. Tiles of ebony stone cover the floors, walls, and even ceiling! Along the walls, torches are crowned with unflickering red flames. And centered on the far wall, an altar of dull brass stained crimson with the blood of countless victims through the ages…”



These last few pictures are what the TileSystem map came up with; I didn’t have enough time to set up the whole dungeon, so had just put together the final portion.


(Zoomed in view of the last room on the far right)


Old Dwarven Forge Pictures–Hackmaster Tournament

Wow… in retrospect, the quality of the pictures and the build on these are appalling! Guess we all have to start somewhere to learn!

[Originally posted on the Dwarven Forge forums 2005 Jul 04 – for some reason, my computer says they were taken on 2005 Oct 06, which is both the incorrect month for Origins, and after the posting date…]

I brought about 80 pounds of DF stuff with me to Origins in Columbus Ohio (from Ca!) to use in some Hackmaster tournaments I was running, but ended up being only able to use about half of that (~3 sets) because the bag I was using to transport it broke! … Next time, I’m going to plan a little better…

In any case, here’s a few pictures I snapped with my phone (quality low – sorry!)

The group is tasked with locating a little girl who has wandered off into a maze guarding a Tomb of Kalec’tor – a knight who fell in battle defeating a demon that terrorized the area. This is the first round of the tournament which involved getting through the maze towards the center of the Tomb.

The top encounter shows the party trying to figure out an articulated Statue which is full of traps – ie. sending darts from one wall, or releasing poison gas in another area, etc.

The bottom one is the group facing two mimics which have mimic’ed a floor (the one in the middle) and a wall (the one on the side).



Old Dwarven Forge Pictures–Research base Epsilon, Krataar

I’ve been going through my old Dwarven Forge posts on the forums and remembered that a lot of the old pictures were deleted during a software error around 3 years ago. I have many of them still, so decided to repost them to my blog for future interest.
[Originally posted on the Dwarven Forge forums – on 2006 Mar 11]
I decided to see what I could do with just one of each sci-fi set: So, I pulled out one each of Starter, Passage, Alpha, Beta, and the two free 6″ walls. (Hopefully next weekend I’ll have enough time to put together all of my Sci-Fi stuff! Image 5 each of the first three and two Betas!!)
To add some flavor, I populated the Research Base with minis from my all time favorite RPG – Star Frontiers!
Pictures taken 2006 Mar 11
Why is it that no communication has been heard from the base in over 4 months? The Star Law Rangers enter to investigate. Getting into the airlock was no easy task.
Strange, the blast door didn’t close properly – that must be how the radiation leaked out into the remainder of the base! But that looks more like sabotage than an accident!
Ahh… good, the computer banks should tell us what’s occured.
“HOSTILES SPOTTTED! HOSTILES SPOTTED! Looks like the Sathar agents we’ve been looking for!”
Hope you enjoyed that!
Here are a few more pictures:
This one is of the entire layout using all the pieces from those four sets:
Gotta find some way to use the corner fillers… a portal to the next level sounds good!
This I thought might help out other builders – I didn’t have anything to use as a filler for the negative spaces and there was a weird gap in the port room. That’s when I realized that the floor inlays that come with the Alpha set are thin enough that they could fit under the other pieces without being easily noticeable. Plus, they’ve got the same pattern already on them!

Old Dwarven Forge Pictures–First Battle

I’ve been going through my old Dwarven Forge posts on the forums and remembered that a lot of the old pictures were deleted during a software error around 3 years ago. I have many of them still, so decided to repost them to my blog for future interest. This was also incentive for me to go through my old pictures and files to clean up my hard drive and organize.

[Originally posted on the Dwarven Forge forums 2004 Nov 24]

My first real use of the Dwarven Forge stuff in my home D&D game. I didn’t have enough floor pieces to really re-create the large cavern, so I used the battlemat as the base and the DF stuff for walls and a raised area.

This was for our first and longest running D&D 3.0 game – the Frozen North. They PCs had ended up in Wallachia, Ravenloft, after tracking down the “funny man” – a Vampire that was kidnapping children. He lived in a cavern that was made of pourous volcanic rock. His “coffin” was inside the raised porous rock, and when reduced to 0 hp and turned into gaseous form, he retreated under it, making it quite an ordeal for them to get to his body before he regenerates.

Pictures Taken 2004 Aug 28