Old Dwarven Forge Pictures

Hmmm… stumbling on more pictures while sorting through my files.

Pictures taken 2004 Jul 27.

No actual game here – I was just setting up my painted minis in a display case.

I’m particularly proud of the three minis in the foreground of the first picture – they were some of my first paint jobs I did in the 90’s on the old Ral Parth Monsters box set. That minotaur has remained a favorite of mine. The green slime mini was one of the first I painted using a very watery green paint that just turned out fantastic.




The ones below show off the DF Den of Evil sets very well. I think it was my first attempt at making use of the negative spaces with the plastic water cutouts. I can’t remember if this was from a game, or just a diorama like above.

I’m also not sure why the pictures are so grainy – if it was the camera, or a specific setting I was using, or if I scanned these from a photo (I don’t think so). It’s probably operator error. Smile

Pictures taken 2005 Nov 28










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