Old Dwarven Forge Pictures–Star Wars Minis

Another repost with pictures…

[Originally posted on Dwarven Forge forums 2007 Dec 12]

I’ve been cleaning up my computer files when I found some DF pics from earlier this year. This first set is a set up for a quick Star Wars Mini’s battle…

1: The overall layout which AJ (in the back there, who was thrilled to play with DF!) help to setup… We pretty much just pulled out all the Sci-Fi pieces I have and tried to put them together… around 5 each of starter set, passage set, and alpha expansion, with 2 beta.


2: The heroes racing to extract the vital information from the central computer core


3: Vader leading his entourage to counter them


4: Quickly taking out the forward guards, Mace Windu, Yoda, and Obi-wan sense the apporach of the Sith Lord


5: “Bastila, retrieve the data while we hold them off!”


6: Melee ensues…


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