Dawn of Defiance V: The First to Strike [Mechanics]

The part of the adventure on Alderaan was created to allow a chance at getting some more XP before starting on the next part of Dawn of Defiance Episode V. The PC’s were mostly level 5, or just reached 6, and I felt that mostly level 6 would be better for Episode V. It also gave me a chance to have them re-visit an old friend while giving a cameo to Leia, which I wanted to do at their first meeting, but neglected to do so. That turned out very well as it was a pleasant surprise to them all and gave their characters a hook into the movies.
Mechanic checks to change the transponder on the Glorious Chariot and modify the exterior.
Deception checks to get past Star Destroyer.
Use Computer check to attempt to circumvent weapon locks.
Deception checks to successfully hide the weapons.
Sneak check failed to smuggle weapon past customs.
A single Use Computer check for each character.

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