Dawn of Defiance V – [Mechanics Part 2]

We ended up with a few guest players showing up, so I had to quickly modify the encounters I created on Alderaan to increase the Challenge Level. I had been learning to use the wonderful SAGA Index and the CL calculator to plan the encounters, so it wasn’t difficult to enter in a few more droids/clones/stormtroopers to make the encounters at the difficulty I envisioned. This combined with richterbelmont10’s NPC statblocks allowed for doing this very easily on the fly. I also like his renditions of stormtroopers / clonetroopers, etc. better as they take full advantage off all the books, something which my players love doing in their min-maxing quest.

Security Droids: One CL4 lead droid (I used the mandalorian charger stats on pg 10), three CL3 heavy droids (I used the Heavy Trooper stats on pg 15, and 6 CL2 super battle droids (pg 7.) Total CL of 8 -4 = 4 vs. APL of 5.5

Chase sequence: Three CL2 speeder bikes (pg 17)

Clone troopers: Two CL4 clonetroopers (I used the mandalorian charger again pg 10), three CR3 heavy clone troopers (pg 15), and 6 CR2 Clone Troopers (pg 8). As one of the Core worlds, and especially one that has strong resistance to the Empire, I figured the Empire would want its most loyal forces onplanet – hence the aging, but still very potent clone troopers.

After leaving Alderaan, I used the module’s suggested encounters as guidelines. The biggest change was to change the Nazren to Taung. That was primarily made to incorporate Tex’s backstory into the storyline. That also gave me more justification for increasing the difficulty of the imperial patrols since the Taung have a distinguished past of being accomplished warriors – even this far removed from their prime.

Starships: I used it as unmodified as written in the module with the V-wings and the Star Destroyer.

Stormtroopers: Six CR2 Heavy Stormtroopers (pg 6), six CR2 stormtroopers (I used the Clone Trooper stats from pg 8).

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