Campaign-style co-op board gaming

Over the past year and a half, life got hectic for our gaming group, and so we haven’t been able to easily and regularly get together for our RPG sessions. And so our games went on hiatus.

So we tried to fill in whatever game time we could with a few different board games, including the Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth, and Gloomhaven. But they never quite managed to satisfy the RPG itch – that is, until we tried out Shadows of Brimstone. Now, I’d seen it over the years at GenCon, and one of our guys had started collecting it, but I didn’t really know what it was until he decided to try running it for us.

After that first mine adventure and then finding even more adventure traveling to a town, and IN the town, I was hooked! Here was a game that managed to capture the feel of an RPG session, without the need for a GM who needed to spend substantial preparation time (which was running short for all of us).

And so, it was then that I discovered the board game genre of campaign-style co-op games!

So for the past year, we’ve been playing Shadows of Brimstone when we can. The lack of time is also why I haven’t been posting on this blog (plus, we haven’t played an RPG in almost 2 years!)

But as things have started to calm down, I’ll see if I can put some of my thoughts down that may be able to help other Gamers With Limited Free Time. More to come – Game On!

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