Rise of the Runelords–The Shadow Clock, Part 2

[Game date: 2014 Feb 02]

  1. Session 19
    1. Date: 2014 Feb 2

                                                              i.      PCs: Camla, Derik, Gragdar, Vaelmorn, Dikembe (Shoanti barbarian played by a guest player)

    1. Returned to Townhouse

                                                              i.      Took bats with use of darkness, and managed to return without attracting too much attention.

                                                            ii.      Carried bodies of Ironbriar and Xanesha

    1. Met with Lord-Mayor

                                                              i.      Filled him in, and he fainted. Removed magical ruffle.

                                                            ii.      Convinced him by taking guards to Sawmill and showing evidence of Ironbriar’s journal

                                                          iii.      Got rewarded.

                                                          iv.      Met his personal bodyguard, Markinen.

1.      Met Four-Tooth, Lieutenant of the guards

2.      Met Dirk, sergeant of guards

                                                            v.      Invited to a ceremonial dinner

                                                          vi.      Got a writ from temple of Sarenrae to have Restorations cast

    1. After resting, went with Dirk to collect evidence at Clock Tower

                                                              i.      Waited outside as guards went in and encountered Scarecrow.

                                                            ii.      Went in and defeated it

                                                          iii.      Valemorn levitated with Camla to top.

                                                          iv.      Gragdar climbed stairs and triggered bells falling. Barely survived, but many on ground perished.

                                                            v.      They cleared out the clocktower

    1. At the dinner party, were honored.

                                                              i.      Lord Mayor then asked them to look into a small matter with the Black Arrows. They are a group of rangers based out of Fort Rannick that keep the ogres and giants from the Storval Plateau in check. They have missed sending reports the past few months. The last messages from the hamlet of Turtleback Ferry indicate that they hadn’t been seen in several weeks.

    1. Return to Sandpoint

                                                              i.      Camla requests and gets Tsuto’s body to return to Ameiko for burial.









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