Galaxy Defenders 3 – Star Tech

The rescued scientists tell HQ that their research on alien tech came from a nearby alien ship that had crashed two years prior. If they can recover some more of the items they were researching, it could prove to be extremely helpful in repelling this alien invasion!

HQ has already detected new activity at the remains of the ship, but the mission was too crucial to ignore. So the Agents are sent out once again.

Now cognizant of the dangers of these invaders, HQ sends out a full squad to recover what the researchers need. Joining Mercury and Titanium, are Iridium the sniper, another marine code-named Chromium, and the rebuilt body of the Medic into a cybernetic armor shell.

As the sniper moves into position from behind the small mound, a spine critter catches his scent and bounds out of a nearby tent that was set up the study the remains of the alien craft!

But the agents are well prepared, bullets and blades bringing it down quickly.

The Xenos emerge from the crashed ship to investigate, and are met by the sniper’s fire. But the Xeno Alpha has an energy shield as well as armor!

The Xenos move into the optimal range for their blasters, delivering punishing bolts back at Iridium.

The rest of the squad move up to engage, pushing the Xenos back towards the ship.

The exchanges of fire are withering, but the armor on both sides withstands the beating. So far…

The squad refocuses on concentrating fire to bring down the Alpha, clearing space for Mercury to quickly move into the first room and find the first piece of alien tech.

The agents consolidate their gains with a sniper shot to the Xeno Beta, but the spine critter is able to close.

And with a quick burst from the Medic’s autopistol, the spine critter is downed, allowing him to deploy a sentry gun and the rest of the squad to form up…

…just in time for the alien counter assault!

The coordinated defense brings down the Xeno Alpha and helps the agents withstand the offensive.

A strange metallic noise resonates in the air and suddenly, a large alien robot appears alongside one of the alien commanders!

The squad pivots to face the newly arrived greater threat,

as Mercury and the marine clear out the aliens in the flank.

Titanium steps up without hesitation, the SAW heralding his advance. The powerful weapon tears away the energy shields and chunks of armor protecting the Interlopers, but is not enough to stop them.

That fearlessness buys time for the medic to drop back and deploy GD-209, it’s autocannon shredding more pieces off the tough alien armor.

And the sentry gun finishes the job. However, the alien robot’s armor is showing itself to be tougher as the agents’ bullets continue to rain down on it.

Meanwhile, Mercury moves to search for the other alien tech, sending for a small drone to suicide blast the alien signal in the room ahead.

The robot’s bionic fist meets Titanium’s armor with a thunderous crack, but the Defender’s armor manages to hold up.

With the threat of the Nexus robot looming, Iridium calms his nerves and with an Eagle Eye, places a debilitating shot through the mechanical monster!

The destruction of the Nexus robot buys the precious time for the squad to form up on Titanium and continue to search the alien craft.

Their caution is justified

as two more alien signals appear!

Titanium moves up to engage.

Pushing the Xeno back and allowing Chromium to grab another alien artifact.

Whereas the tight quarters are idea for Mercury’s blades against the spine critter she finds in the next room.

She deftly dispatches it and recovers the last needed alien artifact sample. And with that, the agents quickly return to HQ with the items the scientists need for their research. [Yay! Victory condition met!]

The Galaxy Defenders (with their post-mission 3 upgrades).

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