Rise of the Runelords–Thistletop planning

(Originally posted on the Dwarven Forge forums)

I’m running my group through Paizo’s most excellent Rise of the Runelords adventure path (the new anniversary edition one), and I am looking forward to using the Woodlands set for the thistle tunnels.

I know that I won’t be able to reproduce the map per se, but I wanted to convey the same feel, so I put together this rough approximation. I was trying to go for a more "random" meandering path feel with varying widths of passages; that’s why some have walls back to back. I was looking for some suggestions before I run it on Friday.

The upside down tile is to represent the Howling Hole, and I didn’t have enough tiles with me to finish putting the walls for Gogmurt’s area, but will do that once I get to the venue (this is 3 sets shown, and I brought a few other sets there already.)



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