Rise of the Runelords – Thistletop

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[Game date: 2013 Jul 05]

The Dwarven Forge Woodlands set turned out wonderfully for the use as the layout for the Thistle tunnels leading to Thistletop. The PC’s were all understandably scared of squeezing into the mound of nestles, wherein dozens of goblins were hiding.

The group was able to successfully navigate their way through, although Gogmurt proved quite elusive with his special ability to walk through the thistle walls!

Stumbling upon the Birdcruncher tribe:


Fighting Gogmurt, as he casts Entangle!




Tangletooth slain…


Making the way across the rigged rope bridge, the heroes of Sandpoint arrive at the crumbling keep. There they dispatch the distracted guards, and Warchief Ripnugget’s hosts.

(Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough of my pieces to fully make out the keep, so I didn’t build out the courtyard or outbuildings. So just the front portion, watch towers, and throne room.)

Entering the open front doors:


Peeking into the throne room reveals the Warchief astride a giant gecko holding court over his tribe.



Exploring the courtyard:


Campaign Journal

  1. Session 8:
    1. Date: 2013 Jul 05
      1. Players: Group
    2. Thistletop
      1. Scouted Thistletop
        1. Scared at the fortified nature of it: the Thistles and the bridge
        2. Weighed assault options
        3. Decided to do a water assault
          1. Returned to town to get boat and waited a week until the new moon.
          2. Heard about the “sea monster”
          3. Reconsidered their options
          4. Went back, and camped out. Noticed evening fog, and decided to attack.
      2. Clear out Thistle tunnels
        1. Found way to Birdcruncher goblins and killed them.
        2. Found westernmost exit, looking over cliff out to the island.
        3. Wandered past the howling hole and found the kennels. They filled the goblin dogs full of arrows.
        4. Scouted out past kennels and spotted firepelt cat hiding around corner.
          1. Vaehrun charged cat and attacked. Gogmurt then cast entangle, and moved into and out through magical brambles and thistles attacking the party. They eventually capture him when Vaehrun remained beyond one thistle wall waiting for him to cross while he was harassed with spells and missle weapons.
          2.  Questioned Gogmurt and rested.
            1. Learned about the sea monster, as well as about Nualia’s companions.
            2. They leave him tied up in the Thistles
      3. Explored upper levels of Thistletop
        1. Crossing the bridge, they explored some of the ruined fort atop the isle. Shalelu and Vaehrun killed the sleeping pickle-thieving goblins. Then explored the courtyard, giving up after being unable to open up the nailed shut stable.
        2. They dispatch the goblins playing cards, and snuck up on Warchief Ripnugget and his retinue in the throne room. Summoning a deeper darkness, Gragdar moved into the room and killed all the goblins with the powers of negative energy.
      4. Chased Ripnugget down
        1. Following the open doorway down, they find a naked bugbear with a bow behind a line of naked female goblins. As they engage, the are surprised by a very-much alive Ripnugget who frequently charges while running alongside the walls and ceilings atop his giant gecko! They eventually take him down, but not before taking heavy damage.
        2. The group retreats back across the bridge.
        3. They vote upon Gogmurt’s fate, and decide to let him go, now that the Thistletop goblins have been decimated.

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